Through this site, I aspire to serve mankind and spread prosperity

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For me, blogging isn’t a business but a door that connects me to all spheres of people, to their viewpoints, to their lives, to their hearts. I consider blogging as a way to convey what is in my heart and express myself without any hesitation.

this post doesn’t make sense and doesn’t flow either

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This is a very rough introduction of myself. I’m mainly rambling, but I just wanted to share parts of myself to you guys. I won’t make anymore PERSONAL posts like this, but instead I’ll be going into more depth on a part of myself that I think many people could relate to!

What I didn’t anticipate was the help it would provide me

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Giving myself a space to let out some of my thoughts and experiences and sharing them publicly has allowed me to feel a sense of relief, like a weight off my shoulders. It has allowed me to connect with people who have shared my struggles, people I would never have spoken to otherwise. It has allowed me to feel less alone, less alienated, and less misunderstood. It has allowed me to feel validated. Most importantly, it has allowed me to turn such negative struggles into something much more positive.