I am grateful for IT because IT led me here, right now, to you

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So, here I am. Trying again. Focusing a lot less on being perfect and a lot more on creating purpose. Yes, the fact that I’m typing this conversation-style post full of grammatical errors is causing the pastime English major in me to cringe, but it’s fine (for now). Someone once told me that a “finished something” is sometimes better than a “perfect nothing”.


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I saved $45 to $60 by not buying a cap and gown, which is perfect because I need to save up if I’m going to buy VIP passes to a Def Leppard concert

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Manoa , Class of Spring 2021 , Journalism , Communication

My last week of school was from May 3 to May 7, and thankfully, I only had final projects, so once that week was done, I was done because I finished my final projects early. When my last article for Ka Leo was published, I knew that things would not be the same, and that I had to step up my game and find a job. Honestly, I didn’t spend too much time looking for a job during the spring 2021 semester because I wanted to focus on graduating first, but now that I’m done with school, I’m freaking out!


I would love to share my experiences as someone who is a global nomad and connect to those who share similar experiences

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I want to talk about what it is like to live in the USA as a Malaysian. How it is like to be close friends from people from China, Mexico, Cameroon, Thailand and many other countries. I hope to connect with many of you who resonate with my blog and I would love to hear your experiences living in many different countries and connecting with different cultures!


Both letters and contents, addressed to me!

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When we were taught about letters, letter writing and post offices in school,  we had to write a letter to ourselves and post them. After we had tracked back our letters, we had to write an essay recording the process. I couldn’t wait to get my letter back! I ran back and waited till 4.20 pm when the post man would come by to collect the letters from the post box near home.  I even remember asking him, when I’d get my letter! Finally, when I got back my letter and saw the stamping on it- I was thrilled. It had actually been to some place else and had came back to me!


I am so starved for human interaction and connection these days

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For the past few years, I’ve felt like I’ve had a dark storm cloud over my head. It forced me to withdraw from the world, which now I know I needed in order to heal and determine the types of relationships I wanted to manifest in my life. Since that period has passed, I am so so so eager to get in the world and connect…. but for obvious reasons, that is a bit difficult at the moment, so I’m grateful for any interaction, even if it is someone asking Mila what kind of bug she is holding.