We never know when our time here is over, so make the best of every moment you can have with your family and friends

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Although I was the host of the event, everyone played a part in makingsure my vision was fullled.


Show off your ‘niceness’

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This can be by reaching out to the people you love or a kind word to a stranger. We all know this is important but life can get in the way. Especially in our current, uncertain, ‘new normal’ (I hate that phrase, so apologies for using it!). We can’t get together as much as we might have before. And we are barraged with negative news on the daily. It’s so much more vital that we remind each other regularly of how much love we have.


Intimate relationships / friendships are only viable if you completely trust the connection

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I have been blessed and I am truly grateful for my people, the ones who know that we are in it for the long run. Those that have been playing this game of life with me since childhood and the new ones that have crept into my heart without even trying to, I blinked and there you were. You are my people and you add so much value to my life, all of you. I will hold you in my heart forever, no matter your choices.

If you are connecting, do so with self-love and not because you are trying to make 101 friends

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A connector is a person that likes to bring people together. They are the connecting element to making new relationships blossom. There are different types of connectors out in the world.