I want to share my thoughts with everyone

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I made a website today. That’s something. Even though I’m an software engineer this is something I’ve never tried before. I did make some mistake. posted the same podcast again on the website and I don’t know how to remove that. Let’s hope I’ll learn that with time. Until then it will be a reminder of my mistake which is totally fine. Someone should always tell you about your mistakes, even if it’s your own website. ha-ha! 😀


I’m still a student, to reach the age of puberty, changes the feeling, sometime if we have suffered from some things like blame or judged by someone , we will feel sad , annoying , angry with everybody

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I know that this time is difficult , is just like a time we change, we mature and have right decisions in the future . So want to tell you that we can do it , the solution is not hard , it’s easy if in deep of your heart wants , too.


Any time you are in a social situation, you can understand who you gravitate towards just by listening to your intuition and the energy that you are experiencing when you are conversing/connecting with another person

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It is the energy you are approached with, in conjunction with the energy you feel, that tells you if this person might be a good fit for future conversations or connecting with them. That same distinguishing principle that you have in social situations is within you at all times, every second of the day, and you must watch and listen to your intuition and energy to learn, whether it be about yourself, life circumstances (like why is this happening to me?), your relationships with others, paths you might want to venture on, etc.


When I typed in a blog name that I thought would fit me to a tee, a page would load with ideas similar to what I wanted in my own personal blog – reflections and insights from someone with the desire to be heard

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The longer I live the more I understand that I’m not the only one who feels the way that I do. My house is a mess, and I’m not the only one. I’m not sure how I made it this far, but I’m not the only one. Adulting is hard, but I’m not in it alone – I just need to find my tribe. Maybe that’s why I started this blog…that’s today’s modest discovery.


I want to be able to feel real feelings when talking to someone, not just use emojis

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Instead of addressing how someone feels they hold it in and just sit with that feeling. They think everything that person does is about them because subconsciously that person is all they think about. Imagine if we just told people, “hey you hurt me when this happened” or “I don’t really like when you do this” instead of just holding onto those feelings. Imagine if we held ourselves to a standard of true honesty instead of just fake-ness.