Let’s be better, together

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Each of my blogs are considered a piece of life, because they are! I am sharing a glimpse of how I view life and the world from my own spot. I hope you find my blogs interesting and have some good takeaway from it.


Basically this post is about myself and the purpose of writing this is that I believe before getting any further my audience should know me so that they can connect with me better❤

I am Faika Dalvi. I am from Mumbai, India. I have some hobbies one of which is writing which basically led me to blogging. To be honest I don’t have a particular topic or content for my site. And I will be posting stuffs about very random topics because I believe that I can never stick to a particular thing because I don’t have to, I basically like to explore life and try out all the possible things I can but I can asure you they all will be of great help to you. Also photography, cooking and travelling are the 3 things that I’ve stuck to no matter what and you can hope seeing more content relating to them.