Those we rely on to support our decision making, to help us do a better job at work, to answer our technical questions, to share our knowledge of a new innovation on a project – all of these circles have shrunk

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Our diversity of accessible knowledge we trust – that has lessened.

Not deliberately, but gradually and unknowingly – I feel I am poorer.

I’d bet most of us work in jobs that are inherently about our knowledge and experiences. Gaining more knowledge and experience leads us to more fulfilling work, maybe promotions, maybe different roles – a sense of purpose and worth. Sharing these with others for their benefit and the benefit of their work often gives us joy. Now the source of those gains is smaller, now our capacity to share is reduced are we still growing and developing as we want to?

I am often attracted to the people who have held the key to my expansion

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This is the first separation where I don’t feel wronged by another person. In fact, I am wondering about the magic that exists in this space. It’s just, melancholy. With a feeling of having been seen, heard, loved and accepted in your fullness. It invokes a sense of respect for another, and a sense of surrender in oneself. That’s a blessing to me.

One of the amazing things about writing a blog is the connections it makes

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a class from Upstate NY. They had been discussing nature activities that kids and adults can enjoy and had come across my blog. One of the children sent me a link to a website that he thought I might be interested so I’m going to share it with you.

Look to nature for hope

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Though dead, the marigolds, holy basil, and dill were rich with flowers gone to seed. I spent a good hour standing in the sun and harvesting them, which to me felt like the best way to spend a day that seemed to lack in hope. For there is nothing quite so hopeful as saving seeds for the next year. The action itself is one of hope–it implies that there will be a new year, that there will be new flowers and new seeds, and that this cycle will go on.