Why do we even need friends with people like that?

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I am afraid of being alone. I need a soul. To take care of me, I want all the attention, love, everything that I had missed all these years. Is that too much to ask?


She had never realized what she was doing

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I have to say, one of the things I have come to love about social media is all of the honest conversations I am seeing about this. I had no clue who to turn to as a pre-teen or teen, and a lot of these unwarranted pieces of advice plagued me through the early 2000s. Along with going to therapy, Instagram has been a saving grace for me, because there are words that appear in my feed that reinforce that it’s okay to enjoy your food; it’s okay to learn through it and be who you are. It has been a place to find power, and I wish I had access to more of it when I would try and find a solution to these comments.


As an educator, we should have a connection with our students

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We are their second parents. Our subject lessons are not the only important thing we impart to them. We share with them our views about anything in life for them to think about that and have their path. They will remember us and their experience with us. It becomes their guide in life. We should keep that in mind and make our assessment memorable for them.