I’d love to share those [goals] here as I work through them as an added layer of accountability, to share what I’ve learned along the way, and maybe even inspire some goals for you, whoever you are

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I’d love to share this journey with anyone who’s willing to come along, and I hope that as I share what I’m up to here on the big broad internet, I get to connect with and support you along the way.


This is the kind of world I want to live in – where we care for one another as we would want to be cared for

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Next time we see a person struggling, step over that barricade of awkwardness to get to a place where help is extended. […] Now let’s imagine our place in it. There is always room for generosity; for that posture of hospitality which welcomes those around us. We welcome them to our heart, and we create a space in our lives for others. The kind of world I want to pass on to my children and grandchildren is one where people look hard into the eyes of the other and see the very face of God.


I am grateful for IT because IT led me here, right now, to you

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So, here I am. Trying again. Focusing a lot less on being perfect and a lot more on creating purpose. Yes, the fact that I’m typing this conversation-style post full of grammatical errors is causing the pastime English major in me to cringe, but it’s fine (for now). Someone once told me that a “finished something” is sometimes better than a “perfect nothing”.


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