I want to help others who are like me and have to learn as they go

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I want to give the information I learn to help anyone I can. If I can act as a sister and inform the public of my life lessons, I feel like I can help others who feel alone or feel like they have no one in their corner. However, my number one goal is give others the push they need to be successful because ANYTHING is possible.


I want to do brave

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It takes bravery to ask for help. It takes strength to ask for help. That’s not weakness. It’s not weakness to let people into your life and allow them to step up in ways that you can’t. We were never meant to do this life alone.


Show off your ‘niceness’

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This can be by reaching out to the people you love or a kind word to a stranger. We all know this is important but life can get in the way. Especially in our current, uncertain, ‘new normal’ (I hate that phrase, so apologies for using it!). We can’t get together as much as we might have before. And we are barraged with negative news on the daily. It’s so much more vital that we remind each other regularly of how much love we have.


In a strained effort to finally do something I love and want to share and perhaps be proud of one day, I am going to try and ‘blog’

  1. To connect, communicate and engage with the online social community in a way I feel most comfortable.
  2. To begin creating a portfolio, compiling my thoughts, ideas and projects and creating a safe space for my work.
  3. To use this forum as a way revolutionise how we interact with one another, an opportunity to accept and learn from the mistakes made and to be supportive.