Let’s work on getting there together

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I hope through this journey we all can grow and cry together. I hope my growing pains, tears, hope, and advice is helpful (or at least offers you someone to relate to). I hope you tell me what proves helpful, and what proves unhelpful. I hope to create a community here. I care about all of you already. Let’s do this together.


Those books forever changed me and made me realize the love I have for diving into another world, meeting new people, and going on amazing adventures and quests

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Many years and many books later, that series still has a special place in my heart. Now I have new favorites and more books residing in their own special place in my soul, as I am sure many of you do too. Here we will talk about my favorite books, authors, best-sellers, underrated books, and all things book related! We will also have monthly recommendations as well as top five reads at the end of the year! I want this blog to feel like a little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I want it to be a place to go when all you want to do is talk about books, read about books, talk with your bookish friends, and make new ones. So, welcome my fellow booknerds and literature enthusiasts!


One of the reasons I’m wanting to write this blog is to give myself somewhere to write about what I feel daily, sometimes even hourly

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I mainly suffer with the motivation. Some days I won’t brush my hair, get dressed, I’ll just sleep all day. I have to really give myself a pep talk to do the simplest of tasks. So I want to share that, if any of you can relate, you’re not alone. Let’s listen to each other.