Blogging has given me the best opportunity of all: to connect and form relationships with new people

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It’s allowed me to have a small impact in this world. And thats such a big goal and achievement of mine. I want to spread love and positivity into the world, and with my blog I am allowed to do that.

I hope that through a self-introduction blog everyone can understand me better

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For the future, I have three goals. My first goal is improve my english. I will accomplish this goal by practice listening and talkinging. As for my second goal, I want to prepare a good graduation project. i will accomplish this goal by take inspiration from life Finally.And my third goal is Create a video studio with friend in i will study more skill.

As long as, you are on earth, breathing and moving you connect with people everyday of your life

Walk, connect and network with those in line with your vision and goal. Because the people you surround yourself with can create a big influence in your life. They can either bring you down or raise you up. It’s better to have two right connections who are ready to work with you than having a thousand wrong connections that can bring you down and reduce you to a mediocre.

Your attitude towards others is mirrored back at you

The easiest way to connect with great people/mentors is to have a mentality of service. You should help them to reach their goals by your service, support and giving. Be creative about ways to be of help to them which will eventually blow their minds and make your relationship closer with them. But you must also do all these without an expectation of getting anything in return. The vibe must be that of giving all the way. When you do so, it always comes back to you in ways unexpected. Working only to learn from them and help them should be the priority. You’ll be amazed at how this little act of service will open doors in ways you couldn’t imagine.