I want to share with others what I have learned and build community and connect with others

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I am happy you are here. I am currently a 20-yr old college student living in Los Angeles. I passionate about health and wellness, fitness, fashion, traveling, self-development all of which are topics that I would like to share with you here.


The main reason why I decided to start a blog is because I find my inner monologue screaming at me to speak out

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I encourage readers to find ways to enhance my knowledge and have a discussion with me, but don’t start drama or be demeaning or disrespectful, the blog is about educating not insulting. Let’s learn together!


I want to help others who are like me and have to learn as they go

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I want to give the information I learn to help anyone I can. If I can act as a sister and inform the public of my life lessons, I feel like I can help others who feel alone or feel like they have no one in their corner. However, my number one goal is give others the push they need to be successful because ANYTHING is possible.