There was something in that smile

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Slowly I started talking with them, from the little kids to elderly ones. They shared me their stories, the new gossips, their festivals and how they celebrate it. They told me about how their life changed, what work they do, about their children who worked in the cities and the struggle they went through. The kids wandered around me, showing me their play areas and their secret hide-outs. They were all friendly, welcoming and treated us as one among them. I walked along the green fields, sat by the pond, watched the cows grazing and enjoyed the evening prayers in the temple among the villagers.

Both letters and contents, addressed to me!

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When we were taught about letters, letter writing and post offices in school,  we had to write a letter to ourselves and post them. After we had tracked back our letters, we had to write an essay recording the process. I couldn’t wait to get my letter back! I ran back and waited till 4.20 pm when the post man would come by to collect the letters from the post box near home.  I even remember asking him, when I’d get my letter! Finally, when I got back my letter and saw the stamping on it- I was thrilled. It had actually been to some place else and had came back to me!

Technology is a tool, helpful when it wants to work, but I believe it’s damaged our sense of community, of social skills and disconnected us as much as we’ve tried to connect with others

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it became clear that technology as much as we believed or hoped it would be, failed in replicating the presence of the people we missed. People who weren’t friends even began to miss each other. The clerk at the local dairy was finally someone to be recognized and appreciated. The forced distancing made us crave contact even with strangers, despite or weariness of the virus. We are social creatures, yes, but there’s nothing like a simple sit-down-and-chat. I hope that we’ve seen through the media guise and learned or at least remembered to appreciate the power of physical contact and verbal communication.