Does Tiffany Ferguson have a WordPress Account?

Let’s see if Tiffany Ferguson knows something about Open Source technology (and / or Open Space community norms), shall we?

I recently discovered this youtuber (tiffanyferg) because she created some interesting youtube videos (actually the videos I discovered were several years old already, talking about stuff she was learning about at the time, but which in some circles might be considered to be common knowledge for nearly a century — that said, I will admit that I myself, too, did not learn about these phenomena until quite an advanced age).

I tried to find out more about this young woman, but unfortunately she does not seem to have an online identity of her own. Now I’m wondering whether she has enough media literacy skills to be able to find out whether I mention her @

You may recall that last year I wrote a rather vehement criticism of “The Social Dilemma“. Well, I just now discovered that Ms. Ferguson has in the meantime asked the question which I vehemently and decisively answered with “Hell, no!”

Could it be that Ms. Ferguson read my article before asking her question? I actually doubt it, because she seems to be a person who would be inclined to correctly attribute her sources. Yet again, should I trust (or distrust?) a person who tries to pay the rent via the duplicitous practice of online marketing? If you read the criticism of The Social Dilemma which I posted last year, you might note that I do indeed give people involved in online marketing a lot of credit and recognition… if they are at least a little bit authentic.

Authenticity means you have to be responsible — you have to respond to questions. The question I have here is rather simple: Does Tiffany Ferguson have a WordPress Account? Even if the answer is “no”, it might be interesting to consider whether she is even aware of anything said on WordPress (or not).

If she had an online identity of her own, I could contact her directly and ask her myself — but she doesn’t (apparently). Maybe if one of my readers is familiar with her and / or her work, they might be able to ask her instead?

Let me note that there is a great deal of irony to this — insofar as she has been heralded by some as a “change agent” with respect to “media literacy” (a term which she herself says she only first heard of a few years ago).

I am fascinated and interested — but i am not going to hold my breath. 😉

PS: Her answer (to sort of “cut to the chase”) was “IDK — just asking”.


The purpose is to foster a sense of community with people from all around the world

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I want to encourage as many people as I can to contribute their genuine, authentic perspectives. I’ve designed the survey so that it (hopefully) isn’t too big of a time commitment for you. Think of it as a quick journaling exercise. But the value and inspiration you’ll provide will resonate with readers more than you might think.

One of the reasons I’m wanting to write this blog is to give myself somewhere to write about what I feel daily, sometimes even hourly

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I mainly suffer with the motivation. Some days I won’t brush my hair, get dressed, I’ll just sleep all day. I have to really give myself a pep talk to do the simplest of tasks. So I want to share that, if any of you can relate, you’re not alone. Let’s listen to each other.

Social media is addictive and compelling, as in, if you are not on social media in today’s world, you feel isolated

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This human weakness is exploited by these social media companies is what the documentary implies. It is quite intriguing to watch the ex-employees of social media companies share about how the algorithms are developed to keep users addicted. The documentary is an attempt to show us how social media is taking control over our thinking capacity and causing disruptions sometimes in the form of protests, riots etc.