Those we rely on to support our decision making, to help us do a better job at work, to answer our technical questions, to share our knowledge of a new innovation on a project – all of these circles have shrunk

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Our diversity of accessible knowledge we trust – that has lessened.

Not deliberately, but gradually and unknowingly – I feel I am poorer.

I’d bet most of us work in jobs that are inherently about our knowledge and experiences. Gaining more knowledge and experience leads us to more fulfilling work, maybe promotions, maybe different roles – a sense of purpose and worth. Sharing these with others for their benefit and the benefit of their work often gives us joy. Now the source of those gains is smaller, now our capacity to share is reduced are we still growing and developing as we want to?

The way we learn to relate with others when we’re babies weaves the patterns we then repeat with every person we connect with for the rest of our lives

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It’s important to understand your/your loved ones attachment styles to use as another tool for communication & for your own self-awareness. The more attention we can concentrate on how one’s behavior & characteristics have been informed, the more we can come to appreciate the unique ways in which they express their love for us.

You have to make your connections by having friendly post, greeting your readers in the beginning of your post, liking and commenting on other blogs and make your blog noticeable

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If you guys want me to make any special post clarifying your doubts I’ll be very happy to help y’all. You can comment down below about any doubts you have or can mail me.

In order to connect with others, you need to be “available” for any opportunities that come your way

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That also means that you need to feel comfortable putting yourself out there, sometimes way beyond your comfort zone. But it all starts with learning to feel at home in your own body, being aware of your own emotions and reactions.

Trackbacks + Pingbacks + Link Rot

Hello peeps! 😀

First a couple quotes:

Trackback helps you to notify another author that you wrote something related to what he had written on his blog, even if you don’t have an explicit link to his article. This improves the chances of the other author sitting up and noticing that you gave him credit for something, or that you improved upon something he wrote, or something similar. With pingback and trackback, blogs are interconnected. Think of them as the equivalents of acknowledgements and references at the end of an academic paper, or a chapter in a textbook.

Within the WordPress interface, “ping” is sometimes used to refer to Pingbacks and Trackbacks.

In general computer terms, “ping” is a common utility used in a TCP/IP environment to determine if a given IP Address exists or is reachable. Typically, Ping is used to diagnose a network connection problem. Many times you will be asked, “Can you ping that address?”. That means, does the Ping utility return a success message trying to reach the “problem” IP Address?

Note that @ those quotes contain links (link text is within the quoted text above, but is not included here) linking to pages that do not exist (but which probably did exist when those texts were written). It is not very difficult to find the intended “linked to” texts, though (hint: they use HTML # / @ “anchor” links and are listed in the right-hand column of the updated / new page linked to via an error message). If that sounds weird, then maybe just “nevermind”. 😉

This post here is an invitation to link here (i.e. to this blog) if you feel like it. You can simply use the reblog button and let WP take care of all the technical nitty-gritty all by itself (“automagically”). I plan to do this maybe tomorrow — I don’t live today (lulz, if that sounds weird, then you don’t know Jimi Hendrix, do you? B-) )