I’ll keep looking and try to decide

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But I can’t decide what colours I want in the warp! I have a bunch of bright colours and there are a million combinations. I have narrowed down to three warps. Help me choose! Below I show examples of them with a variety of different possible wefts. Once I get a warp, I can play with all of them, plus combinations of them for double weave.


What I didn’t anticipate was the help it would provide me

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Giving myself a space to let out some of my thoughts and experiences and sharing them publicly has allowed me to feel a sense of relief, like a weight off my shoulders. It has allowed me to connect with people who have shared my struggles, people I would never have spoken to otherwise. It has allowed me to feel less alone, less alienated, and less misunderstood. It has allowed me to feel validated. Most importantly, it has allowed me to turn such negative struggles into something much more positive.


Let’s help each other get back to work

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If you’re a digital marketing, CRM marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or communications professional looking for work, let’s connect!!! I am more than happy to proofread and provide feedback on your resume and offer some personalized job hiring tips for your career needs.


Basically this post is about myself and the purpose of writing this is that I believe before getting any further my audience should know me so that they can connect with me better❤

I am Faika Dalvi. I am from Mumbai, India. I have some hobbies one of which is writing which basically led me to blogging. To be honest I don’t have a particular topic or content for my site. And I will be posting stuffs about very random topics because I believe that I can never stick to a particular thing because I don’t have to, I basically like to explore life and try out all the possible things I can but I can asure you they all will be of great help to you. Also photography, cooking and travelling are the 3 things that I’ve stuck to no matter what and you can hope seeing more content relating to them.