Thank you guys so much for sticking with me, reading these posts, and joining me on this journey

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I’m so immensely appreciative of your messages, comments, Likes, and clicks. It’s so nice to scream into the void with you.

When I am creating and busy, I want to share my work and my life with the people in my social circle

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I made my first Instagram post on the 18th of January, 2013. Proud of the progress the Russian Giant Sunflowers that I had planted in my backyard were making, I snapped a photo, slapped a filter on it, and posting it out into the internet. It got zero comments and zero likes. This was my first step into the world of Instagram. A world that I am still a part of, and a relatively active member of the community, almost 8 years later.

There was something in that smile

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Slowly I started talking with them, from the little kids to elderly ones. They shared me their stories, the new gossips, their festivals and how they celebrate it. They told me about how their life changed, what work they do, about their children who worked in the cities and the struggle they went through. The kids wandered around me, showing me their play areas and their secret hide-outs. They were all friendly, welcoming and treated us as one among them. I walked along the green fields, sat by the pond, watched the cows grazing and enjoyed the evening prayers in the temple among the villagers.