When I say you, I am not sure what I mean, because I am not sure who is going to read these words except me

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please follow along with me on this journey of self-discovery. First up, I will run a half-marathon on the 1st of June. Right now I can run 5km. This is sure to be a hell of a ride!


Let’s be better, together

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Each of my blogs are considered a piece of life, because they are! I am sharing a glimpse of how I view life and the world from my own spot. I hope you find my blogs interesting and have some good takeaway from it.


I am often attracted to the people who have held the key to my expansion

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This is the first separation where I don’t feel wronged by another person. In fact, I am wondering about the magic that exists in this space. It’s just, melancholy. With a feeling of having been seen, heard, loved and accepted in your fullness. It invokes a sense of respect for another, and a sense of surrender in oneself. That’s a blessing to me.


Losing connection is too easy nowadays when almost every avenue for in person interaction is closed off

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It’s not as easy to just grab a bite to eat with someone when every outside interaction comes with the specter of covid infection. This also closes off a lot of ways to create new friends. I recently have gotten back into a card game that could offer me new avenues of creating friendships, but the venues for meeting to play are dens of covid disregard. Social media is a tentative way to connect but it rarely offers the kind of comfort that seeing people in person creates. I have never been the type of person to create online friendships with strangers from across the globe. My parents were all too effective at instilling “stranger danger” type fear over chatrooms into me as a child. I am also a person who is just afraid of posting anything too personal online. That is part of the therapeutic (hopefully) quality of this blog, to offer a more honest (although technically anonymous) space for myself. I hope also that talking through these things, if you know me or not, will be in some way relatable to you, reader. We live in lonely times, and it’s easy to feel disconnected but we all have a lot more in common than we usually think.