Let’s work on getting there together

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I hope through this journey we all can grow and cry together. I hope my growing pains, tears, hope, and advice is helpful (or at least offers you someone to relate to). I hope you tell me what proves helpful, and what proves unhelpful. I hope to create a community here. I care about all of you already. Let’s do this together.


Blogging has given me the best opportunity of all: to connect and form relationships with new people

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It’s allowed me to have a small impact in this world. And thats such a big goal and achievement of mine. I want to spread love and positivity into the world, and with my blog I am allowed to do that.


You need your tribe to be complete

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I learned from all of them. From Cindy, I learned the toughness needed to survive in our Portland community. From Betty, I learned that there is strength in being who you are. From J, I learned to keep my own counsel. I shared a secret with her once that she promptly shared. When I confronted her about it, she did not apologize but said simply, “If you didn’t want me to share it, why did you tell me?” And from Rosie, I learned that there was a different world waiting for us outside of our neighborhood.


When I am creating and busy, I want to share my work and my life with the people in my social circle

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I made my first Instagram post on the 18th of January, 2013. Proud of the progress the Russian Giant Sunflowers that I had planted in my backyard were making, I snapped a photo, slapped a filter on it, and posting it out into the internet. It got zero comments and zero likes. This was my first step into the world of Instagram. A world that I am still a part of, and a relatively active member of the community, almost 8 years later.