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I’m an engineering student. I interest business, entrepreneurship and technology. I research about these topics. Sometimes I shoot videos, sometimes I write texts. I want to both protect them and publish them. That’s why I created a WordPress account.

It would be great to meet other people going through the same process as I am

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I also find it quite a challenge how to manage and plan it all beside my other tasks and appointments. But I am sure that, as I go, a productive and functional way will show itself eventually.

I saved $45 to $60 by not buying a cap and gown, which is perfect because I need to save up if I’m going to buy VIP passes to a Def Leppard concert

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My last week of school was from May 3 to May 7, and thankfully, I only had final projects, so once that week was done, I was done because I finished my final projects early. When my last article for Ka Leo was published, I knew that things would not be the same, and that I had to step up my game and find a job. Honestly, I didn’t spend too much time looking for a job during the spring 2021 semester because I wanted to focus on graduating first, but now that I’m done with school, I’m freaking out!

Update about related sites

This is a small update about the related sites shown in the sidebar of this site at right (near the bottom).

Up until now, these site were primarily “business” oriented (and you can still see their RSS feeds by visiting the “Business Networks” site). Now, the sites listed here will be more focused on individuals, personality, individual’s behaviors, views, perspectives, etc.

Accordingly, this site itself will be even more focused on actually building connections (and in particular: personal connections). In other words: I think I will mainly list information about people who explicitly express a wish to connect with others.

If you are also interested in other aspects of life related to connecting with other people, please also check out (and / or follow) those other related sites listed in the right-hand column.