We need to connect with one another more often

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research indicates even when we think we don’t want strangers to say hello or interact with us, we are happier when they do. It should no longer be taboo to talk to people on elevators and subways or to sit in the front seat on Lyft rides. You should pay close attention to body language and personal boundaries as you approach someone new, but you shouldn’t avoid eye contact at all cost. Even brief eye contact can make people feel more connected and included.


During my Tours it makes me happy when I can really connect with a family and get to see how much they enjoyed me giving them Tours

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During my eight months of being a Tour Guide before the corona outbreak it taught me 3 things. One is that being a Tour Guide you have to make sure that you are positive and in a good mood before every tour. No one wants to go on a Tour with someone who is grumpy or mad. So my task everyday was trying to make sure someone saw why I chose this school while keeping it straight with the families.


If you are connecting, do so with self-love and not because you are trying to make 101 friends

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A connector is a person that likes to bring people together. They are the connecting element to making new relationships blossom. There are different types of connectors out in the world.