Hello Happy, Meet Challenging!

This blog post will deal with dealing with people. I have another blog which also deals with a similar topic ( fuckwith.news.blog ), but it is actually more focused on news and communications. Here, I want to (yet again [ see also “Hello Strangers“, from which the featured image is sourced ] ) make connections between people, to bring people who may not be aware of each other into contact with their different views, perspectives, opinions, and maybe even open up some “doors of perception” (which is, I believe, a quote book title from someone Aldous Huxley which apparently inspired the name for Jim Morrison’s band).

Today, I want to cite two blogs which posted closely related topics:

I wanted to share with you on how to cultivate happiness when blogging whether it’s towards others or yourself.


My emotional state can swing wildly depending on the day. My go to instinct is to want to hole up and be alone to wallow in my bad mood, however I know I feel much better by talking about my pain and getting things done. That’s therefore a constant challenge I’m tackling.


In my opinion, “flow” is the stuff that happens (in the brain) when we start out with challenging and attempt to move towards happiness.

PS: Oh, I almost forgot! 😯 I also wanted to connect this with Mark Manson (see: “I believe mental health and self-improvement are not something for the few or the privileged, but rather they should be a right for anyone who has taken on the responsibility to improve themselves” [ https://funny.health.blog/2021/09/16/i-believe-mental-health-and-self-improvement-are-not-something-for-the-few-or-the-privileged-but-rather-they-should-be-a-right-for-anyone-who-has-taken-on-the-responsibility-to-improve-themselves ] — and of course I should add: “not only themselves, Mark, but also each other, too! 😉 )


We chose “Enchanted to Meet Me” to reflect the nature of our current journey

Keywords: introductions , introduction , enchanted , self discovery , womens blog

Emily and I are more than 20 years apart in age but we both struggle with the same challenges. External and internalized expectations have caused anxiety, unhappiness and, in some cases, illness. Hence, we are embarking on a rediscovery journey.


We need to connect with one another more often

Keywords: current events , covid 19 , friendship , loneliness , pandemic

research indicates even when we think we don’t want strangers to say hello or interact with us, we are happier when they do. It should no longer be taboo to talk to people on elevators and subways or to sit in the front seat on Lyft rides. You should pay close attention to body language and personal boundaries as you approach someone new, but you shouldn’t avoid eye contact at all cost. Even brief eye contact can make people feel more connected and included.


During my Tours it makes me happy when I can really connect with a family and get to see how much they enjoyed me giving them Tours

Keywords: discipline , stepping out of your comfort zone , tour guides

During my eight months of being a Tour Guide before the corona outbreak it taught me 3 things. One is that being a Tour Guide you have to make sure that you are positive and in a good mood before every tour. No one wants to go on a Tour with someone who is grumpy or mad. So my task everyday was trying to make sure someone saw why I chose this school while keeping it straight with the families.