I want to share my thoughts with everyone

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I made a website today. That’s something. Even though I’m an software engineer this is something I’ve never tried before. I did make some mistake. posted the same podcast again on the website and I don’t know how to remove that. Let’s hope I’ll learn that with time. Until then it will be a reminder of my mistake which is totally fine. Someone should always tell you about your mistakes, even if it’s your own website. ha-ha! 😀


What I didn’t anticipate was the help it would provide me

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Giving myself a space to let out some of my thoughts and experiences and sharing them publicly has allowed me to feel a sense of relief, like a weight off my shoulders. It has allowed me to connect with people who have shared my struggles, people I would never have spoken to otherwise. It has allowed me to feel less alone, less alienated, and less misunderstood. It has allowed me to feel validated. Most importantly, it has allowed me to turn such negative struggles into something much more positive.


I am extremely glad to meet you all on “this side” — by which I mean where typed words would be the connection between us, our feelings and I am too excited to share thoughts on this wonderful platform

Lets immortalize our feelings, experiences and personalities as a whole. Each and every one of us having gone through quite a few moments in this ever changing world I am pretty sure we would surely connect on some page of this blog! Let the journey begin.