When I say you, I am not sure what I mean, because I am not sure who is going to read these words except me

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please follow along with me on this journey of self-discovery. First up, I will run a half-marathon on the 1st of June. Right now I can run 5km. This is sure to be a hell of a ride!


We chose “Enchanted to Meet Me” to reflect the nature of our current journey

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Emily and I are more than 20 years apart in age but we both struggle with the same challenges. External and internalized expectations have caused anxiety, unhappiness and, in some cases, illness. Hence, we are embarking on a rediscovery journey.


I would love to encourage you + equip you + empower you

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What have you encountered along your journey? I would love to encourage you. I’d love to equip you. I’d love to empower you. Let me know how we can connect so you can have strength for your journey!!!