I want people to know about me and my writings

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I found the little courage in me to speak out more for the things I want and the opinions I have.

So I took small steps with the little courage I had in me and bravely decided to dive into communication. It is a goal of mine to create writings that could reach to people’s hearts!


I would love to encourage you + equip you + empower you

Keywords: anxiety, depression, mindfulness, social work, suicide prevention, trauma informed care

What have you encountered along your journey? I would love to encourage you. I’d love to equip you. I’d love to empower you. Let me know how we can connect so you can have strength for your journey!!!


With thoughts swirling, I wanted to create a place to write them down, connect with others, and discuss or just encourage one another

Keywords: Creative Writing, Journaling, Writing

Some of my thoughts may be dark at times, or sometimes too light, but whatever state of mind I’m in at the moment is usually what I’m writing. Sometimes that may be creative, maybe almost fictional, or sometimes just to the point: this is how I feel. As human beings, we run the gamut of emotions, don’t we? So don’t be afraid of any of them, just let yourself feel.