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Also, you’re probably thinking that it’s kind of weird for me to write my very first post about why I’m starting a blog since most bloggers write a post like this when they are already established as viable bloggers. But I do believe we all have trouble starting new things – so maybe this post will inspire you to go after your dreams.


Think about how people will connect to your blog, always think about the people, how can you bring them closer

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My advice to new bloggers would be to think about their blog as a stepping stone. Obviously the world of blogging has changed a lot, there are many blogs out there now. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one. There are a lot of companies that make white t-shirts and they still sell. I think if you’re creating a blog right now you have to think past the digital space.


How To Connect With Other Bloggers

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New Lune

As a blogger, you can feel quite lonely when you don’t have anyone to talk to about blogging or social media, especially during instances when you need help and don’t know who or how to approach another blogger.

I don’t know other bloggers in real life unless they are blogging secretively like me and I know so many bloggers who feel shy or awkward to make the first move. In today’s post, I want to share with you 5 ways to connect with other bloggers or make blogging friends. As always, if you’re interested – keep on reading!

En tant que blogueur, vous pouvez vous sentir très seul lorsque vous n’avez personne à qui parler de blogs ou de médias sociaux, en particulier lorsque vous avez besoin d’aide et que vous ne savez pas qui ou comment contacter un autre blogueur.

Je ne connais pas d’autres blogueurs dans la vraie…

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