Now that I am no longer at school, I learn

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we can copy, take notes, ask advice from anyone ahead of us.  We can ask for help when we don’t know the answer. That has been my guiding direction in life. I am not trying to change any system… But maybe if it’s no longer working, we should find a new system that will work for us… We have our own distinct journey… We need to figure out ways that will work in our situation. So…

As an educator, we should have a connection with our students

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We are their second parents. Our subject lessons are not the only important thing we impart to them. We share with them our views about anything in life for them to think about that and have their path. They will remember us and their experience with us. It becomes their guide in life. We should keep that in mind and make our assessment memorable for them.

I want to find a community of parents and educators with which to collaborate

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I’ve learned since March that I placed much of my own identity in my career. My classroom at school received so much more of my attention than I ever had time to devote to my own home. Nearly all of my time outside of the classroom was wrapped up in record keeping, materials making, corresponding with coworkers and parents, and generally trying to stay constantly on top of every moving piece I had in my focus. Looking back, I was exhausted and burnt out. Still, staying home made me feel like nothing.

One of the reasons I’m wanting to write this blog is to give myself somewhere to write about what I feel daily, sometimes even hourly

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I mainly suffer with the motivation. Some days I won’t brush my hair, get dressed, I’ll just sleep all day. I have to really give myself a pep talk to do the simplest of tasks. So I want to share that, if any of you can relate, you’re not alone. Let’s listen to each other.