I would absolutely love to hear from all of you, feedback about my blog, my posts and how I can constantly better it

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I started this blog as I wanted to connect with fellow readers and writers, irrespective of age,sex,nationality,colour and other such distinctions. I wanted to discover the relevance and relatibility of my thoughts and perceptions in today’s world. Aptly named, the blog will be about my thoughts,poems and feelings on everything,ranging from entertainment,political affairs and mental health issues to my personal problems like loads of homework.


I miss so much the feelings and experience of performing, the connection with other musicians, the connection with an audience, the pre and post concert chats, a feeling of a shared space of music

I know that it will be a long time before this will all return in the same normal space as before, but hope that as players, as listeners, as writers, as promoters, as composers we can create this sense of sharing the same world and can begin to find this our connection in these online formats as they begin to become more common.