It’s so amazing to be connected with people who share the same passions as me, who I wouldn’t meet in my town alone

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Writing songs with Yardsale inspired me to begin writing my own songs, leading me to discover my passion for writing and producing, and deciding I want to do that for the rest of my life. I’m not a fan of making life-changing decisions, especially huge ones like this, but I am so certain that this is the path I belong on. I’ll be majoring in music business with an emphasis in music production at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in the fall, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Forgetting to acknowledge the idea of being around people who are different from who we are

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Things like these don’t just happen in high school either, it can literally happen anywhere, at any age. Even after high school, I’ve met ignorant individuals who have wanted me to change the way I think, and the way I am entirely, just to satisfy this idea they have of the people they’re surrounded with, which is incredibly terrible. These individuals have made me feel shitty, and like who I am is wrong and unacceptable and that people won’t like me or appreciate me because of the way I currently am, therefore, I have to change for other folks to like me.

I would love to connect with like-minded individuals who both share in my struggles and have advanced in their individual journeys to give me inspiration and guidance

What do I want to write about? The books that I am reading, the clothes that I wear, the places I visit, the food I cook, the politics and its effect on my life, the farm life, my spiritual journey, the struggles of being a woman; of being fat; black; dark skinned; bad-skinned; thick skinned; strong yet weak at the same time. I want to share my self-care and self-development journey and to let you know that it is possible.

It is hard to find other parents with similar parental philosophies or interests

When you make your friendship all about the kids, you can quickly figure out whether this mama has similar or far different parenting styles than you. In a perfect world she would have a similar philosophy OR you could both live side-by-side being best friends with opposing parenting styles. BUT, this is unlikely. We are human and it is human nature to judge whether we like it or not. Even if we try our very best, we are most likely going to judge our mama friends on ways they handle their children at some point or another. This can be a big turn off for strengthening a relationship.

The same goes for interests… Maybe your idea of a perfect get away would be to get out and drink some wine at a nice restaurant but this mama you met at the park wants to go out clubbing. Definitely different ideas of what would be a fun night away from the kids.