I’m looking forward to seeing what this could become

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I decided to put this out here in hopes that my experiences and thoughts could somewhat connect to potential readers (especially my fellow Gen Zs!), but also to document my progress as a human bean. Most of all, this is to prove to myself that I can translate my goals into a reality with the right amount of effort and patience. Blogging ain’t easy! Living ain’t easy! But I guess this first post would be my starting point


Think about how people will connect to your blog, always think about the people, how can you bring them closer

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My advice to new bloggers would be to think about their blog as a stepping stone. Obviously the world of blogging has changed a lot, there are many blogs out there now. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one. There are a lot of companies that make white t-shirts and they still sell. I think if you’re creating a blog right now you have to think past the digital space.