I want to make people fall in love with nature

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Besides taking pictures, you’ll find me regularly hiking, kayaking, biking, birding and working in the garden (usually with my kids). I am rarely spotted without a camera or a set of binoculars. I love the smell of woodsmoke in the fall and sound of the spring peepers. My favourite book is likely the Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds and “Lost together” by Blue Rodeo is my favourite song. I live for the slow moments, authentic connections and I am fuelled by coffee and creativity.


I love writing and I want to connect with people

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maybe the most difficult part about starting a blog in 2021 is to be able to answer questions like: what is your niche, what do you bring special to the table, isn’t the market already saturated at the moment, do you have anything interesting to share? And you know what? I still don’t have the answer to that, all I know is that I love taking pictures, […]

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What is happening to the human race when hugs and handshakes are frowned upon or a threat of being arrested is hanging over our heads?

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Recently a commenter stated how badly she missed hugs. My response? I’ve not stopped hugging those I love so why have you? I am not afraid to touch other people. I am love not fear. As long as I live upon this earth I will live from a state of love, not fear.


Basically this post is about myself and the purpose of writing this is that I believe before getting any further my audience should know me so that they can connect with me better❤

I am Faika Dalvi. I am from Mumbai, India. I have some hobbies one of which is writing which basically led me to blogging. To be honest I don’t have a particular topic or content for my site. And I will be posting stuffs about very random topics because I believe that I can never stick to a particular thing because I don’t have to, I basically like to explore life and try out all the possible things I can but I can asure you they all will be of great help to you. Also photography, cooking and travelling are the 3 things that I’ve stuck to no matter what and you can hope seeing more content relating to them.