I always hope to chat and display my openness to them and a strong desire to connect

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They may poke around any bit of me, ask any question of me, observe, and decide what they think. I’ll have no control over them, but only let them in and, if they come, gratefully respond according to each. If ever they will tell me something they want of me I will feel a particular desire to accommodate them.


This blog — not quite a private space — really is a way to reflect, to connect, and to have myself seen by others so I see myself again

I want this blog to celebrate precisely the moments uncelebrated and unnotched by the sporadic, stochastic, “40-words-only and let’s keep it impersonal” rhythm of our social media world. And I want to reflect in longform again.


Melissa wants to put her heart out there because when times are tough we have to try and connect

We have try and communicate even when our hearts are heavy and our minds are thick with bad weather. When the darkness clouds our minds we have to speak. Its important to say our truth. Its important to shout it regardless of who is listening and what judgment may follow. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again our truth is our power.