What is happening to the human race when hugs and handshakes are frowned upon or a threat of being arrested is hanging over our heads?

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Recently a commenter stated how badly she missed hugs. My response? I’ve not stopped hugging those I love so why have you? I am not afraid to touch other people. I am love not fear. As long as I live upon this earth I will live from a state of love, not fear.


How do you express yourself to the world?

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Do you think you don’t? Well, the truth is, you do. We all do. We do it through our behaviour, our actions, our words, our choices and preferences, the way we dress, how we furnish, decorate and live in our homes, the way we eat. If you are alive, you are expressing yourself. Do you ever stop to think about that? To wonder what you are “putting out there? To wonder what impacts your life is having on the world? To wonder what ripples of information, energy and substances you are sending out, just by the way you live?


Technology is a tool, helpful when it wants to work, but I believe it’s damaged our sense of community, of social skills and disconnected us as much as we’ve tried to connect with others

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it became clear that technology as much as we believed or hoped it would be, failed in replicating the presence of the people we missed. People who weren’t friends even began to miss each other. The clerk at the local dairy was finally someone to be recognized and appreciated. The forced distancing made us crave contact even with strangers, despite or weariness of the virus. We are social creatures, yes, but there’s nothing like a simple sit-down-and-chat. I hope that we’ve seen through the media guise and learned or at least remembered to appreciate the power of physical contact and verbal communication.