If you enjoy engaging with my content, photos, stories, and feel inspired to create your own, I’ll be walking on every single fluffy cloud in the sky

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Also, you’re probably thinking that it’s kind of weird for me to write my very first post about why I’m starting a blog since most bloggers write a post like this when they are already established as viable bloggers. But I do believe we all have trouble starting new things – so maybe this post will inspire you to go after your dreams.


I would love to connect with like-minded individuals who both share in my struggles and have advanced in their individual journeys to give me inspiration and guidance

What do I want to write about? The books that I am reading, the clothes that I wear, the places I visit, the food I cook, the politics and its effect on my life, the farm life, my spiritual journey, the struggles of being a woman; of being fat; black; dark skinned; bad-skinned; thick skinned; strong yet weak at the same time. I want to share my self-care and self-development journey and to let you know that it is possible.