Let’s work on getting there together

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I hope through this journey we all can grow and cry together. I hope my growing pains, tears, hope, and advice is helpful (or at least offers you someone to relate to). I hope you tell me what proves helpful, and what proves unhelpful. I hope to create a community here. I care about all of you already. Let’s do this together.


Look to nature for hope

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Though dead, the marigolds, holy basil, and dill were rich with flowers gone to seed. I spent a good hour standing in the sun and harvesting them, which to me felt like the best way to spend a day that seemed to lack in hope. For there is nothing quite so hopeful as saving seeds for the next year. The action itself is one of hope–it implies that there will be a new year, that there will be new flowers and new seeds, and that this cycle will go on.