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I’ll do this every Sunday. No, it’s not going to be a newsletter sort of thing, but it’s going to be a hi-hello-how are you-buhay ka pa ba-sort of letter. I’m doing this because 1) I miss people; 2) I’m having a hard time adjusting to and accepting things, but whenever I talk to people, I find it a bit comforting when I am reminded that I am not alone in all this and 3) I’ve been writing letters (to people, to self) in my notebook everyday, so might as well write ones that I’ll send, diba? 🙂



Engaging in conversations takes effort and with today’s fast paced world where everyone is busy, we are required to exercise our judgment on the connections that we would like to nurture – and, conversations are a great way of doing so

Keywords: Lifestyle & Relationships

Do we need to have connections to have conversations OR do conversations build connections? Which comes first?