What I want to do here is share my story, with hopes of helping [someone] find what they are looking for

Keywords: abuse , anxiety , depression , self harm , God , Jesus , toxic , teens , bullying

As a kid growing up I was just wanting [someone] to see a hurting kid, as years went on and no one noticed that young girl turned in a angry teenager , who began to bully, drink, party, and as I got older I got more angry. Why ? Because hello ! Here I am still waiting… until one day after something very traumatic happened and I just gave everything to God and now I’m going to share my story in hopes [someone] feels less alone and knows there is hope.


3 thoughts on “What I want to do here is share my story, with hopes of helping [someone] find what they are looking for

    1. Yes, you are right, Althaia. 😐 This is a problem that comes up every now and then — online, it’s sometimes referred to as “shifting sands” (which is a non-judgmental way of looking at it, I guess; in the “Wiki”-space, it’s also sometimes referred to as “Wiki-wars”). Stuff changes. It gets revised. IDK what’s the best way to respond to it. There’s a project called “Wayback Machine” that aims to make backups of webpages in order to prevent such “link-rot”. Here’s a link to a copy of the page using the archive.org search engine: https://web.archive.org/web/20210303031340/https://brokentobranded.family.blog/2021/02/28/where-to-start

      Thanks for pointing this out! 😀

      BTW: I always download copies in case I intend to review something, but I will not write a review if it gets removed before I get around to reviewing it. 😉

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